Why become an ASAP Network Location

ASAP Paintless Dent Repair, LLC is growing and today we are building a Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Service Network where we partner with automotive service organizations including Auto Body Shops, Detailing Shops, Vinyl Wrap shops, Dealerships and others where we provide Rapid Response Mobile PDR services to their shop, or their customers, at their homes or work locations.


As an automotive shop owner, your biggest responsibility is ensuring your customers receive timely and quality services on their vehicle. Along with ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, you also focus on growing your profit generation capabilities to succeed in the automotive service industry.

ASAP Paintless Dent Repair, LLC, is your go to Paintless Dent Repair Partner providing traditional and mobile PDR solutions to help streamline your automotive service shop, increase your customer base, extend your service capabilities and help free up your existing technicians and personnel to perform larger, more profitable services.


ASAP services can be performed, once authorized, at your network shop or wherever your customer may want them done. They’ll be happy with you and your automotive service shop, and that keeps them coming back and referring other loyal customers. This is especially great when you already have a busy shop and would rather focus your technician’s efforts on larger, high-dollar services paid for by insurance claims.

We can help offset popular, yet relatively inexpensive service requests often on the same day. Why should any customer in need of a Paintless Dent Repair wait? That may only hurt your reputation or your bottom line.

ASAP does all the work, provides all the tools, with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by a $5 Million Dollar Service Guarantee.

Customers come to us via our website and if the service is in your area, you will share in the Revenue. If the Dent Repair Service requires more than Paintless Dent Repair we send that business to our Network Location closes to the Customer.

Additionally, in the past 14 years, we have successfully completed hundreds and hundreds of insurance claims Paintless Dent Services for Oklahoma automotive shops, as well as for Hail events in Texas, for most major insurance companies and for many of the leading vehicle manufacturers.


Being centrally located in Oklahoma and placing more Mobile Units in other locations throughout our Network Grid, OK, TX, MO, KS, AR and NM we can deploy one of our Mobile, self sufficient Paintless Dent Repair trailers to most areas within our network – usually within 4 hours.

Our trailers have everything built into the trailer for a technician to remain on any site for the duration. Our trailers are equipped with sleeping, cooking, refrigeration, televisions, and more. The trailers are also equipped with auto solar power systems that automatically switch back and forth between AC & DC and are self charging.

In the back of each trailer is space for all the tools and equipment to perform any Paintless Dent Repair.


Discover all the Benefits of Partnering your automotive shop with ASAP and start adding to your services and your bottom line.  
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